It is the Golden Age of Magic and two esteemed magicians have vanished into thin air, but not without a trace. 

Leaving behind cloaked clues for a group of magicians in training, it is up to you to uncover the truth about their disappearance.

As you step inside the magicians’ private chamber shrouded in darkness, the door clicks behind you and you must escape before suffering the same fate as your mentors.

Never revealing the tricks to their trade, you must tap into the magic minds of the magicians to search for hidden clues around the escape room and work together to strategically solve the concealed riddles and veiled puzzles.

Don’t be deceived though, there is more than meets the eye in this game of chess. 

From magic card tricks to refined tomfoolery, this sophisticated setup calls for the most intelligent and diligent magicians’ apprentices.

Have you got what it takes to make it out alive?

Magician’s Code is a themed escape room filled with illusions and mystery. A thrilling and fun experience, this escape room encourages participants to band together to think outside of the box, challenging both their logical and creative minds. 

Perfect for team building or an entertaining activity out of the norm, the Magician’s Code escape room is a high-level, interactive game stimulating all your senses.

Ideal for two to six players, the magic themed escape room is suited to those aged over 13 years and over*, making it the ultimate date night adventure for couples or families hoping to take their family game night to the next level.

If you fancy yourself as a keen sleuth and you’re up for a challenge, the Magician’s Code escape room is awaiting you.

*Magician’s Code is an entertaining activity for all ages. Those 12 and under, who would like to do this escape room, must be supervised by an adult.


2 – 6