You’ve just discovered that the person entrusted to build the pipelines in the city had a much more sinister plan in mind. The infrastructure built below has been filled with gas timed to activate and ignite within the hour.

There’s just one problem, the solution to deactivate the ignition is locked in a secret vault riddled with puzzles left by the evil genius responsible for this potential catastrophe.. and he is on the run.

As part of Alpha Team A, you enter the dimly lit secret headquarters – your priority is to put on your heist thinking cap and race against the clock on a secret mission to prevent the city from the brink of destruction.

Don’t let the countdown distract you from the mission. Remember to keep your cool and work towards the common outcome. Explore and observe your surroundings to collate clues and decode patterns to get into the vault and find the solution, to ensure the gas doesn’t ignite and explode before it’s too late!

Whether you are looking to experience something new with family, friends and colleagues, or you’re an escape room junkie – The Vault provides an immersive heist experience which will challenge your problem-solving skills, attention to detail and ability to think creatively.

Ideal for two to six players, the heist themed escape room is best suited to those aged 13 years and over*, making this an interactive and engaging experience for dates, families and team building.

*The Vault is an activity for all ages. Those 12 years old and under, who would like to do this escape room, must be supervised by an adult.


2 – 6