Perth's Original Escape Room


Looking for a new and exciting group experience? Mystic Clue is your interactive, clue cracking, entertainment solution! Immerse yourself in one of our escape rooms with your friends and family to solve a series of puzzles. Your goal is to break out as fast as you can but keep your wits about you as it might not be as easy as your think…


Mystic Clue is the first real-version room escape game in Perth. What is a room escape you ask? Players embody a character in a scenario and work together to solve both physical and mental challenges to progress through the story and earn their freedom! We have meticulously designed each of our experiences down to the wire. Our rooms range in difficulty so we have you covered whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned veteran room escaper. Do you have what it takes?

Challenge Yourself

No-one likes a puzzle that you can breeze through. Our challenges are designed to test your cranial capabilities within an allocated time limit. Please consider the difficulty of our rooms to best suit your experience.

Team Building

Our rooms are designed for cooperation between all players and are the perfect way to get the team out of the office for an entertaining and brain teasing day out.

Special Events

Wanting to add a unique twist to your special day? Whether it be celebrating a birthday with your friends or a couple sharing a wedding anniversary, our rooms cater to a variety of group sizes. Drop us a line and allow us to ensure your day is one to remember.