Planes Ablaze!

Your mission is to safely escort the scientist on flight 729 back to headquarters where his biochemical research will be under our protection.

The commander’s words echos through your minds as you regain consciousness.You open your eyes to be overwhelmed by clouds of confusion, cautioning alarms and changing altitudes. You better find your footing quick. As all is not well. Reality sets in and you realise you only know few things to be true.

The is scientist missing.

No pilots in sight.

Great, the plane is crashing.

Oh, and the cherry on top. The original mission has been hijacked.

So where do you go from here?

We all know, in the game of war, deadly biological warfare is the ultimate weapon. To prevent accidentally triggering a world war and releasing a deadly chemical risking the health of mass populations. You must first figure out what happened for you to find yourselves navigating in a crashing plane full of mysteries and locked cabinets.

Utilise all your senses as this highly simulated room will have you in a daze looking for the clues scattered throughout the aircraft. Keep your wits about you and know that your best friends will always have your back.

This airborne mission asks you to listen first and pay attention to the finer details. Piece the puzzles together to secure the research and find your way out of this mess. Remember, all equations comes with a solution but It’s always good to have a different view on things too.

The flight room is built for teams of 2-5 and recommended for ages 14 and above.

We welcome players of all ages as long as teammates under the age of 12 have their trusty guardians with them.
If you’re looking for a fun experience that will thrill and have you escaping reality.

Mystic clues is perfect place for you and your team to find yourselves intrigued and embracing the puzzles unfolding in front of you!


2 – 5